It is important to measure protein content in individual kernels

Wheat is the leading source of vegetable protein in human food and the major compound in a wheat kernel.

Protein content is a key specification of wheat to determine its usage. Low protein content is make the wheat suitable for snacks or cakes while high protein content is necessary for bread. Various wheat varieties have different protein content and therefore different baking qualities.

Regional conditions relating to climate, weather and soil type as well as fertilizer usage are also factors relevant to protein development in the grain.

BoMill solution

The BoMill solution can predict the protein content of individual kernels in a grain lot. The machines are equipped with NIT technology that screen all individual kernels 8-10 times. NIT is a mature technology commonly used in protein measurement equipment.

BoMill equipment enables the separation between low- and high protein kernels in a grain lot. A producer can divide the grain according to the protein level of individual kernels.

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